Royal York Construction

Royal York Construction, originally uploaded by denmar.

350D f/10 1/160 ISO 100 Handheld

Shot less than six hours of this post. I had time to burn before the bus came to Royal York Station so I went outside to shoot something because it was really warm. I really need to get business cards, there are a lot of potential contacts out there. I found out today that I might be going to NYC sometime in April to film something. About a week ago I was in Montreal, in a couple of weeks I might be in MYC and I'm going to Europe in July. I love traveling so much. The best part is expenses are paid for. I just hope it doesn't conflict with anything else I have going on right now. I'm also doing a photography competition on the 4th. I heard that it isn't held very well from people who have done it in the past but I'm still going to do it, I just don't aspire to win as much. People have messed other people's chems up... I'll be watching everything. I also have to do a 5-7 minute speech about the news in relation to the first two lyics in U2's 'Bloody Sunday'. Then there's the magazine that I'm trying to get involved with so I have to write some articles for them. The website of course, but I have stockpiled images from Montreal and I can't not do photography. With school, it all becomes really hectic. There's a lot of random stuff going on right now with me. It's really hard to keep everything together but it looks like everything is going to work out. I have a half day on Wednesday I think I might just take the day to myself to work through some articles and try to relax. I'm a person who needs time alone and lately I haven't been able to pull away to do so because I'm busy with all this stuff. If the school aspect was gone it would be way easier, it just takes your entire day. Anyways I'll end it now, take care~