Old Subway

Old Subway, originally uploaded by denmar.

350D f/8 1/60 ISO 400 Handheld

These 70s TTC subways are apppearing less and less. Look at the dried up spilt coffee at the first set of doors. I didn't even notice that till I was PSing. Luckily I got the subway outside and practically empty which was awesome. I really love the retro feel this shot has. Basically on the TTC you have three different subways. The new ones that have the red fuzzy seats. The older 80s ones that have the single seats with brownish/orangish leater like material. And there full benches you can sit on. They have brown couches like this on some of the buses, but I haven't been on one like that in over two years. I calculated that in the past five years I've spent a total of three months on the TTC. How fun is that. People always rag on the TTC and how much it sucks. I used to be one of those people until I used other transit systems and saw how much they sucked. Montreal's metro runs on inflated tires! That's pretty messed up I think. Yeah you can talk a lot about the TTC when you take it everyday. I met Zanta on the TTC a little bit over a year ago. Damn those TTC memories.