Eating Some Goldfish

A Goldfish advertisement for their crackers. It is awesome food.
Eating Some Goldfish, May 2010.

Neven was eating these pizza flavoured Goldfish on my balcony when he looked over at me before he put some into his mouth. The results were instant hilarity so I decided to turn it into a funny advertisement. Please don't take this seriously.

Advertisements I

A Lego Advertisement of a block casting a cityscape shadow
 Lego Cityscape Shadow Ad
A pair of oranges to look like a bra for La Senza
 La Senza Feels Natural Ad
Benjamin Moore paint ad, gradient sky
Benjamin Moore "Sky Gradient" Ad


So we'll start off with three images straight off the bat. Some of the better creative advertisements that I did for a minor thesis project. They were really rushed but with the amount of time I had - I'm happy with the result. I want the creative concept in other images as well.