Epic Sunset (2011 Year in Review)

A beautiful sunset on the new year shot on the iphone 4

This last year has been one of the person roughest years ever. You may have noticed that in December posting greatly declined, and a lot of posts were published retroactively. I haven't been feeling well the past few years, (you may have noticed my weight loss) and doctors have finally pinpointed what was wrong with me. After spending three days in the ER in November, I had surgery in early December.

The best news is I recovered quickly and now feel better than ever. I want to apologize for the gap of absence on this blog, and in real life the past few weeks. I have one more minor procedure (preventative measures) in mid-January. After this I will be coming back with a vengeance. Expect big things in 2012 because I finally feel great. The first of which is a brand new, slimmer header.

Let's get this year started off with [desc of pic]. This year I will be doing a 365 (366 leap year!) project. Although most images will be from the iPhone, I may include images that are taken outside of that parameter. The post date will always be the same day the image was taken. This means if you see a post pop up and it's dated wrong.. it probably means it was taken the day before, and posted the day after because I didn't have access to a computer or had to pay the bills! Also all the images will be taken with an iPhone unless otherwise indicated.

Why? I want to create a photo-journal of sorts that records something personal/interesting everyday. As with anything else on this blog - it's a photo project that I'm undertaking for my own purposes and not representative of my professional work. Thanks for reading,  and thanks for all the support!