Self Portrait over Toronto Skyline

Photographer Dennis Mariniak making a scary face with the Toronto skyline in the background.


This will be the last self portrait for awhile. I realized a few months ago that I had no recent photos of myself so I decided to shoot more - now there's too many. I took this after I was done shooting the Fireworks and Smoke over Toronto timelapse as a joke and ended up loving the result. This is all one exposure - done in camera.

From now on you can check the EXIF on the image to find the time and date of the photo. I'm very strict with the time setting as it disorganizes my image library if I don't, so be assured it will always be correct. Also, I'm changing the post layout and am no longer adding the title underneath the image either. It's already at the top and doesn't need to be repeated twice.

Otherwise, expect more writing - sometimes I will go off on tangents, other times it will just be a description or story behind the image. There are also "plans" with regards to photography/video in the future - collaborating timelapses into a story, but that's all I'll mention for now.