Olympiastadion (Olympic Stadium, Berlin)

Olympiastadion, Berlin. August 2008. Taken by Toronto photographer denMAR
Olympiastadion, Berlin. August 2008.

This is Berlin's Olympic Stadium - which once hosted the 1936 Olympic Games while Hitler was in power. It's by far the most interesting/historic stadium I've ever been too.

A few months ago, my hard drive came crashing to the ground - needless to say it is now history. Although it has set me back in many ways; I feel like I have a fresh start. A new start without any preconceptions that I've built for myself in what a photograph should or shouldn't have. It's made me re-evaluate the entire photography game, which I think is ultimately a good thing. For example, this photo, although two years old, never got posted because of the truck to the left. Thanks to a friend I was able to recover some smaller res .jpgs which I had given to him just after the trip.  This is where I rediscovered this photo. Thanks to another friend, I now have images from my trips to Europe in 2007/2009 as well.