Sky (Widescreen Wallpaper)

Sky (Widescreen Wallpaper), originally uploaded by denmar.

Wallpaper here:

Yes, it's back. After three months I decided to come back and start this thing up just for my own personal reasons. I decided to do a background as the first of the reposts so here it is. I love the colour in the sky but since it's the first photo in awhile, and there isn't much to say about it. Here's what I've been up to.

Three months at a glance:
-Went to Poland and came back.
-Started First Year at Ryerson for Photography
-350D was stolen, 30D is my new baby now.
-Published online and one in print.
-Photography awards from high school.
-Too many other little things to mention.

So everyday I'll try to put a photo on at midnight like before, but sometimes it might be the following day haha. I'll get back into the habbit, anyways, spread the word that this is going on again!