Skill Canada 2006 Photos: Scale/Reflection

GII Agfa Silvertone 400

The two prints that I did today that helped me in my competition. I saw at least four other people with prints of this guy washing the windows. I had to do three photos to bring in today. After you get there they hand you two rolls of film and tell you that you have six hours to take your shots, do a photography test, process your film, create contact sheets and your two final prints. Some people didn’t get finished but I just finished on time. I wasn’t rushing I was actually first done to shoot and I was late! On the way over I looking at reflections and I knew I had to go back once I got my film. Then once I got to the place the theme for shooting was reflections and scale. Too perfect. The temperature gauge was messing with me though because when the water got warmer the temp dropped on the thermometer. I gave up on it and just did it by feeling. I talked with people and walked around the school while my negatives dried. The easels there would never give me a good border. It was always off, so then I decided to trim my prints. The blade seemed to curve for some reason so on my last print the borders just kept getting smaller and smaller until I realized it was the blade and not me. Then we pretty much sat and waited for two hours while they looked through everyone’s stuff. I talked to some other people, and it was interesting. They assigned us codenames so the judges couldn’t pick out names and choose based on the person. It was kind of pointless because they told us to hand in our negatives, contact sheets and prints to where they were judging. I saw that my three prints that I brought were in the middle of the table and when I went to go pick them up the guy just looked at me. I didn’t care, I didn’t say a word set my other stuff down and walked away. They came out and said that overall top winner was ‘Ping Pong’. That was my code name so I got up. I shook their hands and they handed me a credit for 100 bucks at Henry’s. Then for the West region I also ended up getting one of those mini desktop tripods, and a crafty medal. When I say crafty, I mean crafty… like a boy scout made it. It was a long and awesome day, longest update ever and I am exhausted. Me = Bed = Now.