Night Bus on Eglington

Night Bus on Eglington, originally uploaded by denmar.

350D 20 sec. f/5.6 ISO 100

I took this one off a ledge. The lens hood really helped me out in this shot. I waited for a bus to come for at least 15 min. sitting on the ledge with the camera out. I didn’t have a tripod so that complicated things. I just did a lot of thinking while waiting for the bus to come. There was this guy sitting there but as soon as the bus came he got up and the bus stopped so he wasn’t in the shot because of the long exposure. In the big version you can actually see people’s faces on the bus. It seems that I shoot here at night once a year. I shot here two years ago in the summer, then a year ago in the winter and now in spring. Also every time I’ve shot there I used a different camera. Anyways take care, peas~

Taken at the same time as this.