Blood & Bullets

Blood & Bullets, originally uploaded by denmar.

I won’t tell you, it’s for you to decide but I would like to hear what you think. I went into the RAW file realizing that it was the same EXIF info as yesterday. I shot this, I finally picked up my Sandisk 2GB Ultra II CF today. I love the writing speed compared to what I had before. I can pump out just over 260 frames now as opposed to the 56 I could before. I’ve been trying pick this card up since I got my 350D last December. I really don’t understand why the Canon rebates don’t work in Canada. It’s already cheaper to ship something in from the States than to buy it here. That includes border taxes and everything! That’s a good tip that I could of used when picking up all my gear. Could of saved about 300 bucks. Take care~