Eglington at Night

Eglington at Night, originally uploaded by denmar.

350D f/5.6 1.6 sec ISO 200 Resting on a ledge

This was taken only a couple of hours ago. I got bored so I decided to go out and grab some shots in my area. Damn my broken tripod it made everything so complicated so I couldn’t get as much shooting as I want to in. I’m in need of new glass, but I have no money for it. The 17-40 L seems to be really popular with the 350D but I’m no where near the price range at the moment. I’ve edited a couple of photos today. I was going to update with Habitat 67 from Montreal but since I went out I decided to use this instead. I’ll probably post it sometime in the next couple of days. The weather was really nice once again today. It felt like old summer days on my balcony after class today while I was chilling with a buddy. I have some ideas for some studio work as well which I really want to do but I need to get the hot shoe. I hate how you have to travel all the way downtown to go get one. I should go preoccupy myself with other things, peas~