Desolate Farm Road

Desolate Farm Road, originally uploaded by denmar.

350D f/4.5 1/500 ISO Handheld

This was one of those special stops on the way to Montreal if you know what I mean. It was too bad I was still setting up my aperture and f/stop while this truck went by! I really would of liked the greater depth of field but the shot turned out anyways. For those of you that don't know that is indeed Erik's truck. Two gas tanks, and it guzzles gas like crazy. I wouldn't recommend taking a truck, it gets pretty expensive. What's even weirder is that his truck has two gas tanks. You'd never think so with a vehicle like that. I've heard from a couple people in the last couple of days that they visit my website everyday. That's awesome, I'm glad to hear but spread the word to others! That would help me out so much, just because it would give me exposure.

I also got news today that this magazine is interested in my writing after reading some of my work. Should be interesting to see what goes on. Maybe in five years I'll have a job there! The networking starts now. Take care~