Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal

Notre Dame, originally uploaded by denmar.

350D f/14 1/80 ISO 100
Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal, Montreal, Quebec

I thought we'd start with a landmark back from Montreal. First off I'd like to thank Trevor for all the stuff he's done. Hopefully he can cover me for when I go to Europe haha. Anyways, I had a blast, just what I needed. I was looking at pictures of this place from inside and it looks like I'll have to go in next time because I missed some potential for awesome shots. I'm glad the weather was nice for the couple of days that I was there. The hostel was really nice actually but it didn't compare to our friend's hotel room from Hamilton. When we go there we just jumped on their beds and I was doing front flips from bed to bed. We totally trashed their room but at least we're creating some jobs! I also tore a hole in the sheets in one jump but we won't talk about that. If it's one thing I learnt this trip is that I need to make my job involve photography and traveling because it is too good of a feeling. This shot was particularly funny because I tried to get two of my friends to scare the pigeons into the shot but it didn't really work for this one. They were patient and always waited for me on shots which was nice, I love that with friends. Good times good times~